FRANCE, MOROCCO, SPAIN, USA...and working for more destinations

Stop doing tourism and start travelling. This statement perfectly describes what we want to offer in our company Integra-T Experience. We are a travel agency that tries to get away as much as possible from busiest tourist destinations and explores the world from another point of view. The Experience is what matters and we must follow some guidelines to offer a Responsible Travel product.

Small groups

Depending on the trip we will offer a number of places. Never more than 15/20 people

Public Transport and Enviromental protection

 We will use as far as possible public transportation, but there are some trips that logistically is impossible to use public transportation. Responsible tourism not only lies with the culture and the economy. The environment, pollution and recycling have a place and that is what we will try.

Commitment to local cultures and economies.

What sets the mass tourism of Experience. 

Be part of the History

To understand better the local cultures we have to understand their history, that's why we are working to create "original" thematic trips.